Panjim Real Estate

The property market in Panjim is growing in leaps and bounds for a long time now. It is the hottest destination attracting the investors, builders and developers towards it. Located in the north Goa district, Panjim is a complete tourist delight. This small yet charming city is full of tourist attraction including beaches, churches & sight-seeing locales. Just because of this, many tourists visit this city, thereby causing an increase in the demand of residential properties especially for rental and sale. There is also a significant upsurge in the demand of commercial property in Panjim. Owing to the scenic beauty of this city and cultural traffic, the traffic is increasing. Due to abundant lands & plots in Panjim, many small as well as big builders are putting their money in the property of Panjim. Besides residential segment, there is a considerable demand of apartment for rent and sale, independent houses like bungalows or villas. This booming trend of real estate development in the city is further the reason of surge of property rate in Panjim. The main factors causing the increase in the demand of property of Panjim are :-

  • Scenic locales and beaches
  • Tranquil environment that calls for tourism
  • Availability of wide land area
  • Foreign direct investment especially by NRI
  • Plush malls, hotels, resorts, shopping complexes

These major reasons account to the increase in the hike in the property market of Panjim. Besides, the real estate development of Panjim is expected to remain the same and even increase in the near future. So, it is the right time to put money in the property market of Panjim. For the same, consult Alpha Real Estate CONSULTANTS and we assure to fulfill your dream of owning house or apartment in Panjim true.